Monday, July 30, 2012

When Professionals Act Badly

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When does good manner start especially if one is a professional? We expect highly of professionals to be open to reason and logic, and to be sensitive with its environment. However, it is quite a disappointment that most of the professionals are badly mannered and corrupt that are evident publicly.

Just how many scenes did we see politicians hitting on their fellow comrades when their political pursuits are ignored. How about political leaders charged with corruption issues like what usually happen in Christian countries? Or, some professional held accountable in estafa cases?

I had a personal encounter with a teaching fellow who unfortunately was a little overboard. I could only endure my irritation but I should one day give her what she deserves, a piece of my mind about  good manners and respect.

While there may be legal bases to charge professionals with bad conduct, others are simple for social critique. It is then up to us, to assess and to assert if the behavior of these professionals are already uncalled for.  

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