Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Teacher's Wish List

I have been teaching for more than a decade and wish to teach more in the coming years may it be as a full-time teacher or otherwise.

While we were told that teaching can never make us rich, the accomplishment of having to impart lessons and touch lives make us all rich immaterially.

So, if asked what shall be in my bucket list, it would include the following:

  • trip abroad to teach the underprivilege;
  • school for orphans;
  • jewelry gift like slane bee collection for my siblings, mom and my kid's own family;
  • biographies of great men who made a difference in their own ways;
  • running through foreign lands and pursuing my need to help through this passion.
This list shall be of this date and as I age, I shall be writing for more. 

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