Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Caring For Mother Earth

another area for our trees @ Atendido's Farm

the Team Matutum glued to taking care of Mother Earth
These were taken from the last run that we had for Team Matutum. We coursed through 21km of hilly terrain  of Sitio Pao Pao in Barangay Sinawal up to the place where we had to plant our trees. Around 30 runners had to complete the course up to 9am and the sight of greenery and the majestic Mt. Matutum was a constant source of delight. 
Cruising downhill to our car pool through green crops
We could no longer count the number of runs that we did that we planted trees as part of the run. S0, we wish to continue this until every area in Region 12 is filled with greens and we shall go back to our trees in the next run.
running faster under scorching heat at 9am
We are the proud Team Matutum and we wish to thrive more in number and plant more in doing so.

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