Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to Make Your Exam Reviews Effective

I am preparing for my next comprehensive exam in my graduate school and I could only be anxious but I quite believe that nothing can beat the time - tested technique to passing the exam - quality reviews and more of quality reviews.

As we age, our brain's capacity to retain what we study seems compromised. This is even worsened with the lifestyle we lead like alcohol intake, drugs, smoking and alike.

So, how can we definitely boost our chances of passing the exam? Let me cite what the experts say:

  • Healthy diet that boosts brain faculty including anti - oxidant food fish, nuts, legumes, red tomatoes.
  • Exercise for a more active feeling and brain stimulation.
  • Sleep well. Your brain needs rest too. So, acquiring enough rest and sleep can un-clutter your brain from day's work.
  • Acquire needed review resources. You can practically  use the library, search online for anything including   tile for garage floors  and alike to complement your academic materials.
  • Acquire  a sustainable time table for review. If it is a scheduled exam, then, taking a review of 3 - 6 months would suffice. 
  • Depending on your learning style, review in a conducive place where you can relax and focus on your review materials. You can be in the library with the resources you have or  in a review center.
  • Have a positive mindset about the review. Acquiring a negative belief that you would fail would only drain you and drag you from your review.  

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