Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teachers and Students, Be Stress Free

Experts say that stress is one of the causes of a good number of  health problems, thus, it is only necessary that we, teachers or otherwise,  must stay clear from stress - causing reasons.

So, how can we address issues that concern stress? You can try the following ways:

  1. Have a recreational activity like golf, basketball among others. This would fuel you again with the needed boost.
  2. Exercise regularly. When one  lacks exercise, it is only typical that you feel sluggish and experiences various sorts of health problems including hypertension. So, boost your body system with the needed physical activity.
  3. Splurge your time in a good read or movie on your big screen on quality  plasma TV stand  for a more relaxed time.
  4. Have a positive disposition. Negative emotions can drag you a lot, so, think positively and that can highly affect how you face the day. 
  5. Stay with positive people. Having a support system like your family or friends can help you with your problems. Lean on them if you must.

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