Saturday, October 27, 2012

How To Relax for Examination

group review @ the library while waiting for the next exam
We recently took the dreaded comprehensive examination for Masters in Information Technology. And, although I prepared for it, still I could feel the jitters and and anxiety of the tests and possibly the results. But,  after the 1st major exam out of 4 tests to take, we could only head out for lunch and discussed our exam coverage. Unfortunately, one of our fellow examinees broke down to tears since she blacked during the exam and could hardly remember what she previously reviewed.

So, how can we possibly relax before and during exam? I suggest the following:

  • Nothing beats  preparations for the exam and since this is normally pre - scheduled, you can allot time to quality review. In our case, we started reviewing 5 months earlier and doing these alone and with a group.
  • Seek possible topics and types of tests for the exam to better prepare you with potential questions. It is helpful to go over your old notes and try sample problems but supplement these with problems on books and available resources onlinee.
  • Drink healthy food, vitamins and drinks to help boost your memory. While there are available medicines to help you, make sure that you seek proper advice from your doctors before taking in any medicines. Food rich in Omega - 3,  fruits and veges, green tea and less saturated food and calorie - less meals are highly recommended
  • Exercises that require much air like running can help stimulate the brain. I normally run on short distances even for small exams. But, if this  is not possible, dancing or stretching can be ok.
  • Relax through breathing slowly. Inhale through your nose and  exhale through your mouth. Do this whenever you feel anxious or panicky.
  • Review with a group as they may provide resources you haven't check out or they can also help you with difficult topics.
  • Rest well before the exam. Take enough sleep and even naps in between reviews. Your brain needs to take a break too. During reviews, I take a coffee break while watching a funny movie before I head to reviewing again. 
  • If it is possible to hibernate from work or family, then, do this. Staying in a dormitory or a library where you can fully concentrate reviewing is recommended.
  • Study with your own multi - intelligence technique. Since it gives me an eerie feeling to stay in a very silent room, I listen to low - tone music ( and mostly classical) and review.
  • Stay close to the exam venue and be much earlier before the test. This will help you to be more  relaxed and to know that your co - examinees feel the same anxiety would assure you that what you are worrying about is simply natural.
  • To give you boost, you can splurge in coffee ( 1 or 2 cups a day only) or chocolate. I mix these with my load of bananas and nuttela bar. 
  • Lastly, fight off your anxiety with positive thoughts.  Knowing that you have prepared well would  keep bad thoughts away.

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