Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Schools Warn of Dengue Cases

The entire nation is on guard as Dengue cases continue to accelerate. According to Department of Health, over 51,000 individuals were afflicted of dengue from January to July 2012 and this shall continue to shoot up.

Of these 51,000 cases, 324 have done compared to 293 deaths of the same period last year. Most of the cases were from the National Capital Region (22.24 percent), Calabarzon (14.08 percent) and Central Luzon (13.65 percent).

Increases in dengue cases were also pronounced in in the Zamboanga Peninsula from 687 last year to 2,250 (227 percent) this year; Bicol from 576 to 1,369 (137 percent); the Davao region from 1,724 to 4,078 (136 percent), and Western Visayas from 1,634 to 3,668 (124 percent).

About 53% of the  dengue patients were male and a significant number of patients were children. According to the DOH, 40 percent of the cases were also found to belong to the 1 to 10 age group. 

We are then  enjoined to have a clean surroundings  to dispose all areas that shall allow breeding of dengue-carrier mosquitoes. 


Over 51,000 dengue cases reported since January 


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