Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trail Running for Teacher

Since I started my final semester in my graduate school, I have been my weekend trail runs and though I love road runs, trail runs provide a different excitement and fun and normally, I would trail last of the pack and when holidays would allow a free Saturday, I could only ask my fellow running mates to schedule a trail run.

So, late September, we had the chance to hit the trails and conquer for the first time the gorges of Mt Sabrina and experience the open space and stiff roads.

Trail Running at the unexplored areas from Mt Sabrina
Good thing though that I brought my bike, so, I consumed the 10km biking and the other 10km running. I could only wish we have an ATV to run through the trail. wish buying ATV can be as easy as finding and buying its accessories with atv winch deals at mfr express   among others.

Now that I am in my final month before the semester ends, I could only keep my itch for running and just resume with it after my graduate school toil days shall be over and done.

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