Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Get Good Grades

Getting good grades is tough but possible; so, if you want good grades on your report card, I have only one absolute solution - study.

As posted in my other blog for family, the Wacky Knit Kin I suggest the following tested and proven tips to getting high grades:

  • Use your own distinct style in learning. You may want to listen to music while reading, move around while studying'
  • Work with your parents or mentors on homeworks you need help.
  • Enforce a good learning habit like do your homeworks first before playtime; 
  • Limit the time given if exams are due in few days;
  • Be intrinsically motivated  may it be for  right rewards materially or not;
  • Remember that grades are not only the only measure of your  IQ, so, if you get low scores, you know that there can be possible causes of failure or bad grades;

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