Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Smart Vacation for Students

Second semester is oftentimes the most loved semester among many students and teachers like me who wish to have long vacation in between classes to work on school stuffs.

So, with two - week vacation, how can students practically have a worthy - productive vacation time? As the weather is colder when December is around,  they can practically enjoy the cool weather at new places with sports to enjoy.

Should you be in Southern Mindanao, you can enjoy the thin weather in Lake Sebu and go trekking and zipline rides at Asia's highest zipline zone. Don't fail to drop by the pristine white sand beaches of Sarangani Province too.  Then, enjoy as many as you can the native fruits and other foodies in the area.

If budget is retrained, then make use of your time to work on pending projects due for January or. There are good books for sale too, so, savor your long break with pages to cover.

Regardless where you should enjoy your vacation, make sure to have fun with your loved ones and friends.

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