Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tips to Traveling Alone

My family and I were from a recent trip and unlike in our previous travels, we had to cruise through a new place and simply be anxious about it.

But, we are only relieved that the travel went well. Thanks to the kind people of Olangapo City who were quite friendly to tourists.

So, when you or with your group needs to travel to a new place, how can you possibly make it as comfy and safe as possible.

  1. Before you travel, make sure that you have all your travel documents with you. Photocopy them for convenience.
  2. Make sure that your family or friends are aware of your impending travel, where should you stay and the numbers to contact just in case you can't reach them;
  3. Know the new place. Its weather, culture, and tourist must - sees areas. Getting a tour book and map would help.
  4. Keep your valuables secured including your cash, credit / debit cards, travel documents, gadgets   among others;
  5. If you are lost  or simply confused where to go, don't hesitate to talk to locals or the local police. Thus, it shall be very helpful if you know few local conversational messages.
  6. If you are a foreigner, it can be smarter to  know your embassy, just in case, you need their assistance.  
  7. Load up with your patience as you never know when it can be handy, so, save a book, your portable tablet to keep you entertained;
Best of all, enjoy your trip with the local delicacies, new culture and new experience. Be safe.

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