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How to Motivate Your Teachers

RewRewTeaching is one noble job just like other professions but one need strong character to be able to sustain this profession for long. But, as a teacher, how can you be personally motivated to give your best shot when your school environment is not providing you a welcoming  or trusting atmosphere?
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Teaching in the Philippines is not comparable to teaching abroad should compensation be the prime criterion but dedication can be equal if not at all beyond.

As a school administrator, you can motivate teachers, so, their teaching can be equally effective and learning can be more fun for students.

Education World cited more than 20 tips to motivate teachers but I shall highlight the most  important.

  • Provide a healthy administrators - teachers relationship. If teachers see their boss as a source of pressure, stress or tension because of the frequent negative feedback, over requiring demands or physical / verbal harassment, rest assured that teachers could not last longer in this kind of working environment. Respect as an individual and professional must be adhered and that open and welcoming attitude from the administrators can quite boost the morale of teachers.
  • Provide just compensations and benefits. While there can be government - required laws on all employees, providing extra perks like incentives for a zero absences or tardiness or birthday cash  gifts or freebies like a free - day - on  - birthdays, or incentive leaves can quite help. 
  • Provide access to resources. Teaching is quite demanding, so, to enforce effective learning among students, school should however provide needed resources including books, visual aids, and  facilities. If these are not budget - provided, then, administrations must find means to provide for these necessities. This may include asking for funding from the government or NGOs.
  • Provide for professional growth. Trainings and advance education are needed for skill and knowledge upgrade of teachers. Financial assistance or time allowance can be given to teachers, so, they need not to be constrained with budget or with coping absences should they have to attend trainings or graduate schooling. 
  • Reward your teachers for good jobs internally and publicly. A recognition certificate posted in bulletin boards or announcements in public school gatherings can quite boost the self - esteem of teachers. 
  •   Encourage good health, healthy lifestyle  facilities and / or programs. Some schools provide a free dance session for the school personnel, while others have a special gym should teachers want to relax. As teachers are humans too, they need time to relax and to energize from all the works of teaching. 
Teachers can be more motivated if they are motivated intrinsically, so, as a last note, a positive relationship with school and good employee compensation / benefit package can do a lot of motivation to keeping your teachers happy.

For more tips, check out the article of Education World.

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