Thursday, February 14, 2013

College Week at School

It is February time and most schools in the Philippines have set days or week of sports events. In most cases, the Philippine  government has the regional and / or national sports events to invite students from all grade or year levels from elementary to college for a get  - together sports competition. This aims to foster goodwill, character and sports skills to higher extent.

My school had this week as  "College Week" that we have various competitions including beauty pageants, program skill testing, entertainment and more.

The week event is an opportunity  as well for teachers to rest and take a break from class teaching and time to unwind. If only we have   real estate holden beach nc, then, free time can be pamper time to relax and to recharge from work's toil.

So, may this sports event and school break bring  the desired effects to all stakeholders. But, we wish that the entire endeavor shall be fun and safe for everyone.

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