Sunday, February 17, 2013

Teachers: Be Healthy

Having teaching for a job is no easy feat. In fact, it is one of the underpaid and heavily - loaded work. So, no wonder that  most teachers end up single, without retirement benefits or stricken with illnesses. 
Zumba attendees of all ages from the 1st Zumba Kapamilya

with fellow runners joining others in Zumba Marathon

However, becoming healthy is not exclusive to teachers. It is called upon everyone that we eat healthy,  exercise regularly, and lead a stress - free life.

It is then important that we are vigilant of what we eat or drink, and choose any recreational activity that can be sustained which may include basketball, badminton, swimming, running or for some, dancing like aerobics or the latest craze, Zumba.

So, from the marketing on all media including big prints like from the likes of among others had helped a lot in drawing a crowd.

Any job can be quite stressful but with a decisive action to be healthy, that can be quite draw a difference.

So, teachers and everyone else, choose be healthy and the drawback can be very rewarding.

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