Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Benefits of Barefoot Running

Manong Maning from Davao City who ran the 50 mile / 80km ultramarathon on bare feet
photo source: Facebook from a fellow runner
Running has become my passion but as I worked on my speed and distance and joined several races, I oftentimes had to endure the blister even at the early start of the race. While the cause of the blister could have been my non - running socks, or my beaten shoes, I simply had to find a way to prevent my feet from incurring blisters and address my recently incurred ankle pains.

with fellow barefoot runners around school campus
So, I joined a barefoot runner in his passion for natural running, and, I am quite amazed as I completed my 4th day with bare feet running the pavements of  the city.

Advocates  say that barefoot running improves foot biomechanics and reduces chances of injury. While of course, non - advocates would claim otherwise.

While various contentions are present about running, I could only claim that we have our own passion and advocacy to address to.  Like while others would prefer unorthodox running with shoes on, others would rather prefer bare or when others prefer fine commercial cigars for smoking, others go for blunt cigars.

Barefoot running supporters  claim that barefoot running  would allow the following benefits:

  • It promotes natural form of running, thereby, improving running economy, so, you spend less energy than most traditional runners;
  • Comparing to heel strikers, barefoot running requires that you land on midfoot / forestrike that you reduce impact on your ankles and other injuries like calf pulls and Achillies tendinitis. 
  • It improves balance;
  • You get more conscious of your running form. 
While there can be risk with barefoot running, the idea is to do the transition gradually, avoid overstriding and brace yourself with how the general public would see you on bare feet. 


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