Saturday, April 13, 2013

Make Summer Cool for Kids

Now that summer is officially on here in the Philippines with a temperature ranging from 30  - 38 degree Celsius, one can only think of ways to cool down.

We don't want our kids to spend their two months doing nothing except playing with their laptops, tablets or WII.

My kid @ Subic Ocean Park on summer vacation

It  would be fun to use summer break as an opportunity for long vacation; a trip to a new place or simply heading to your hometown and reunion with family.

running and skates form part of family exercise
Depending on your kids' interest, you may want bring to a local park or let him join a group of kids his age for some sports events.

My kid and his cousin on a summer swimming lesson

You can also enroll your kid to summer training programs like swimming, basketball, softball, martial arts and alike.

Depending on your place, the weather may not permit for some outdoor activities. But, thanks to some gadgets like electric pool heaters at Pool Supply Unlimited, your kid can do swim works at any summer time.

My kid on his soccer training
Remember though that you have to consider your kid's feedback on summer activities otherwise any summer activity can be dragging or burdensome instead of fun.

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