Sunday, April 14, 2013

Teachers: Zumba Craze is On

with fellow zumba fanatics @  a Zumba Marathon
 From fun runs, the city of General Santos along with the neighboring towns like Koronadal and Davao City are into the fast groove of Zumba and with loud beats with all the fancy music to sweat us out, we could only love Zumba and ask for more.

This April 17 at Robinson's Mall, General Santos City  shall be one Zumba Marathon for everyone including students and teachers as an international Zumba instructor shall be in the house.

But, wait! How much calories do we actually burn from Zumba? The answer is dependent on your weight, the duration and intensity of the dance.

For my weight of 53 kg doing a 1 - hour  zumba of high intensity, I could burn around 473 calories. To compute your own calories burned, check out this zumba calorie calculator.

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