Saturday, April 13, 2013

Teaching Vocational Skills

One of the sustaining programs of the national government that I commend is the strengthening of  skill training of individuals who lack  collegiate formal education.

Through Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, high school graduates can avail of  various scholarship training at minimal or zero expense at all.

TESDA Director General  Joel Villanueva says "I know the idea of a college or university education is always appealing. But TVET is more affordable, hands-on, and the path to a good job is shorter. . . "TVET is a system that churns out skilled workers who are the backbone of the Philippine's thriving economy." 

In the year end report of TESDA, enrollment in various TESDA programs had totaled to 1.7 million compared to 2011's data of 1.5 million. Of which, around 800,000 students had passed the assessment skills.

With the demand of the industry to concentrate on hiring applicants with usable skills, letting students go through short - term - skill - oriented education becomes more pleasing. With the increased number of students, teachers for vocational program are highly demanded too.  

If you simply look around your city, you can actually find schools that do provide TESDA scholarships. One instance is the notice I found on Facebook.


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