Monday, May 6, 2013

How To Vote Wisely

The Philippine history shall be re – shaped again as we hold another national election to seat 12 new senators and local executives this May 13, 2013.

 While we instituted the PCOS machine that shall automate our election, still, our procedure is without doubt as issues about election come affront one after another.

 The COMELEC has guidelines installed, so, politicians shall campaign modestly and we are consciously warned against ballot buying which may include forms like cash, rice, clothing, among others. We have to be educated with the background of these candidates and assess their track record. So, we are most vigilant with politicians who don't follow laws / ordinances.

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While political dynasty may be good, this, however shows that people cling to power at all cost and that would mean extending / conferring authority to spouses / children / siblings for continuity. Only the constituents can decide for the progress or disillusion of their locality, and, so, if they continuously sit politicians who value most their personal gains, then, disillusionment shall continue.

So, before election day, join debates of local / national candidates, review past articles / news about these candidates, check their backgrounds and performances and if they give you wrong signals, then, discard their names from your list.

 Remember, we can only have change if we place the right people to serve us.

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