Monday, May 6, 2013

Why Barefoot Running Can Be Good For You

with barefoot  running enthusiasts
I have been running since 2008 on shoes and as I compete for longer distances including the recently concluded Davao Phoenix Marathon and last year's 60 km - ultra marathon to Koronadal City, I had to endure patches of blisters one after another along with the ankle sprain that kept me from running for 3 weeks.

My first try of barefoot on a rubberized turf consumed my mid - sole with red hot spots that started all my blisters for a month as I shifted to mid - foot running. True enough, midfoot running made me run more efficiently and much faster too (not to mention the 3 - week calf pain from this feat).

So, I stopped my barefoot nightmare and simply stick with midfoot running. However, when I get too tired from long run, I often go back to my bending - from - the - waist run and  heel strikes.

Running may be less expensive compared to other sports, but, buying running shoes as often as 2 - 3 times a week can be too much for someone who is tight in budget.

So, with my on - and - off ankle sprain from marathon and my restricted budget, I was compelled to explore my barefoot running again. And, surprisingly, after running bare for a month, my ankle sprain has never complained again plus I could keep my new running shoes from constant use and I don't have to buy frequently new running socks that can be quite pricey too.
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Barefoot running advocates say that when we run with shoes, we have this natural tendency to land on our heels causing that unwanted brake (which could slow us down) and hurting our foot, ankle, knee and other weak areas.

With barefoot running, we are forced to land on our mid – sole or forefront and to run in a springy motion causing less impact on the ground. Plus, we get to improve our cadence (ideally, 180 steps per minute could make you about 5 minutes / km pace) should we need to run faster.

Separate convictions are present for pro and cons of barefoot running but as big number of runners get injured (including) every year, I say, that you try barefoot running too. It may take a while to master its mechanics but having a support group that advocates barefoot running  and personal motivation against injury – free running, barefoot running can be worth a try.

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