Friday, June 28, 2013

Reaching Out to T'Boli School Kids

I guess as a teacher and a mother I just want to help and seeing the students and others who are in dire need can be quite heart breaking.

So, whenever possible I asked my family and friends to help me raised proceeds for school kids especially in remote areas or for people affected of natural disasters.

And, with good and generous help of others who want to share their blessings and time too, we were able to raise more than 250 sets of school supplies among elementary students of Kapanal Primary School, Barangay Gasi, Kiamba.
teachers cross this river to head to the school of the IPs

In spite of the pouring day and the difficult road, we reached the community at the base passing through surging rivers and slippery terrain. We walked barefoot and wish we had for Lowa Hiking Boots comfy hike.
my kid giving school supplies to the IP students

The school kids along their family warmly welcomed us and with my family and volunteers we had delivered the school supplies.
the indigenous school kids of Brgy Gasi, Kiamba

We managed to enjoy the water rapids and sumptuous lunch too.  We hope we can come back and give them medical assistance next time.

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