Friday, June 28, 2013

School Tips Against Rain

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Now that classes are on, students and teachers are simply up and excited with the new school year. And this would mean, being excited with the new school uniform, school bags and materials or simply because they get to see their old friends and teachers.

But, the new school year is not fully of excitement and thrill as the third quarter is also the time of regular rain.

So, you may try the following tips to keep you wet free.

  1. Use waterproof bag.
  2. Have your raincoats ready  like disposable raincoats that are light weight.
  3. Wrap your notebooks and valuables with plastics.
  4. Read the weather forecast regularly.
  5. If the rain is too much depending on typhoon signal, take an absence from class
  6. Use boots to protect you from flood and flood diseases.
  7. Be very careful of flooded areas. Watch out for warning signs.

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