Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Boost Kid's Interest for School

Being a teacher is never easy; I guess mentioning tons of papers to check, lessons to prepare and grades to compute are just understated duties of what can be pretty obvious. But, what can be more heartbreaking is the fact that there are students who can't go to school for different reasons.

We could only counsel students but if motivation can't be self - imposed, going to school can be quite a toil for our students.

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Parents and other stakeholders like the Guidance Office, the Department of Social Welfare and Development among other agencies can quite aid the students, so, they can be given the opportunity to go to school.

Unfortunately though that there are  students who can't go to school for economic reasons in spite that basic education is free. These kids rather help their parents to work for a livelihood. According to 2011 UNESCO's Institute for Statistics, Philippines belongs to top 5 of most number of out - of - school children with 1.5 million for a number while Nigeria tops the list at 10.5M.

For this statistics, the government is pursuing different  means to lure students to continue their schooling which includes Alternative Learning Systems (ALS) where they can go to school during their preferred schedules. Then, there is a Bridging Program where they can be accelerated to the next level should they pass the exam.

But, if economic reason is not the cause of dropping from school, parenting experts say that we must know the real cause(s) of  dropping and suggest that we can try the following depending on what is causing the de-motivation:

  • limit the number of hours or usage of computer for games or net surfing;
  • check the kind of friends your kid hangs out with;
  • if bullying at school is the issue, discuss the concern with school authorities;
  • set rules about maintaining good grades before attendance to school sports;
  • reward for good school performance.
  • network with parents, experts, teachers to seek for assistance;

 Nothing more displeasing to a parent other than seeing his / her kid unable to attend to school but options and actions are available, we just have to be focused to making sure that we have these options realized and tried.

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