Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is Night Running Better

For someone who can't go up early and hit the road to exercise because of early work or late night activity, running in the evening can be the only option.

Kwaknit (native name for a nocturnal bat) Run every Thursday in General Santos City
Personally, I prefer to run in the morning where the air is cleaner, the road is less filled and more visible, and I am more recharged from a good sleep but others would prefer the evening. So, does running in the evening good?

Experts suggest that running or having a rigorous exercise close to bedtime can disrupt sleep but  according to Shawn D Youngstedt, Ph.D, professor of exercise science at the University of South Carolina claims that evening workout can actually improve performance of athletes as body temperature and energy - metabolizing among other physiological factors can have a positive boost.  These along with less traffic and better air can give that extra help.

So, if you prefer to run at night, make sure that you have all the safety measures which blinkers and reflectorized gears for greater visibility. Run opposite the passing traffic and have your headphones in minimal volume to hear clearly.

Watch out for uneven surface, roads without street lights, and hurdles that may block your road or unlawful elements who lurk in the evening. So, run where police visibility is present and run in group or with a running mate if possible.

Have a safe running!


Jogging at Night

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