Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Teachers Just Wanna Have Fun

night run with other runners

 Teaching is never easy. In fact, it can quite zap the energy out of you as you prepare your lessons, check papers and compute grades.  Now, add the  mental stress you get from counseling students and tutoring them to get the lessons learned and keep them motivated.

So, it is only relief that there are social activities like Zumba, yoga, and running that can keep the teachers recharged.

fellow teachers warming up before a run

  So, with upbeat - music filled dancing or meditation, or local gyms housed with the need workout equipment or restobars with funky and cool entertainers, teachers simply need the fun to recharge and do away the school stress. Regardless of what is our work, we must know how to handle stress and the choice and means may depend to what really interests us most. Get a book if you must, or indulge in a movie marathon, the idea is we deserve a break too.
with my fellow teacher on Zumba session

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