Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Teenagers Face Today?

In the recent news from a national network, teenage pregnancy  continues to rise up in number and this can be  quite alarming.  This can be attributed to the easy access of kids to technology allowing them to get access to adult materials, connect easily with strangers and / or friends and left unguided.

But, generally, what do teens face today?

  • With the physical changes they experience, menstruation, pimples, facial hairs, stagnant / sudden growth compared to others, can be quite a pressure to our teens.
  • Social and parent pressures can be much of a burden too as peers, society and parents expect our teens to keep good grades, stay cool, or be responsible citizen.
  • Identity is questioned as well as they define themselves to who they really and who they must be to their peers and family. It is through this that vices like smoking, drinking, computer addiction, drug substance can be a better option for them.
As a nurturing parent, we want our teens to enjoy their age without compromising their values, their school or   their family. You may encourage their interests like for music with a support of musical instrument e.g piccolo trumpet or enroll them in recreational sports like basketball. 

So, we make sure that communication is open and we let our TLC rule instead. We watch our for signs of depression, aggressiveness among other ill behavior as this may mean a more serious problem like sexual or substance abuse.


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