Friday, August 23, 2013

Is Teaching a Good Investment

My high school mentor once inspired me that if I want to be sociably adept, I have to become a teacher and that motivated me to pursue teaching but not by education since 15 years ago, the salary package of a government teacher was not at all appealing. I took a bachelor's degree in Computer Science as this was the hype in 1990's. My passion for teaching, however, overruled as I became one right after graduation.

I could have been  one of the  engineers,  doctors, or coin dealers  but I guess teaching is more appealing.

Now, the question is, " Did I make the right choice?"  The government of the Philippines has reformed  its teaching compensation schemes luring even the private teachers to the public schools. And, just like any job, investment is a personal choice. A fresh graduate who has a professional license to teach can roughly earn around PHP 20,000.00 for a regular item. This along the teacher's incentives and privileges can be received.


So, if a teacher  has pursued educational advancement like masteral or doctoral degrees, trainings, and showed exemplary performance, career growth is highly probable and salary increase is relative.

I say teaching is a noble and decent job but if it is compared to other high - end professions like medical profession, law or information technology, teaching may fall short.

Teaching is a tough job but for someone who love to impart learning and to see students do their fullest and become great citizens of the community, teaching can be quite rewarding.  And, if you say, "Is it  a good investment?" I could only reply, 'YES.'

It is a good investment as you help individuals reach their fullest potential, enlighten them with reality and help them handle life's harsh blows, the moral obligation to do all these is beyond money measurement. If you want to get rich, teaching is not a very ideal option but if you prefer helping and guiding, then, teaching is your possible option.

May you too find delight in the passion the other teachers and I take.

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