Saturday, August 24, 2013

Professionalizing Teachers

I was once told that a professional teacher is quite different from a teacher by profession. Let us then define them as follows:

Professional Teacher – according to PD 1006, a professional teacher is anyone who has passed successfully the government – instituted licensure examination for teachers (LET);

Teacher by Profession – anyone who is a graduate from any program but have chosen teaching as a job and not a LET passer.

I have been a teacher for 15 years but as a graduate of Computer Science and with two masteral degrees, I can only be called as a TEACHER BY PROFESSION.
with our professor and fellow LET Uniting classmates 

With the pressing demand for professional teacher and with very lucrative compensation packages for government teachers, I along with other potential teachers yearn to become professional teacher.

A local school here in General Santos City has offered 18 – unit education loads to qualify for the LET exam. Come November, around 160 students of LET – Uniting will complete the semester and apply for the examination set in March and September next year.

Professional teachers are expected to be of higher faculty and teaching skills and to call upon everyone to be LET passer, is only necessary and practical. While the distinction can be quite heavy, but I guess a teacher by profession will always have the option to either formalize his / her professionalism or otherwise.

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