Friday, November 29, 2013

Common Health Problems of Teachers

Having thought for 15 years makes me quite used to challenges of being a teacher. Well, perhaps if teaching in College can be quite different from the basic education.

So,  I guess one way or another, I shall be sharing the health problems I personally had. So, my list would be the following:
  1. Stress from beating deadlines in making grades, checking papers, submitting reports;
  2. Headache and emotional turmoil from handling delinquent  students;
  3. Challenged voice from all the talking;
  4. Strained eyes from all the readings that eyeglasses from are needed.
  5. Ulcer from missing meals to check papers
  6. Psychological distress from death threats of students who bully you.
  7. Fatigue from all the extra - curricular activities done in and out school.
Having listed all these, teaching is indeed a tough job but I simply love  the work that I can still see myself in this profession for years. 

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