Sunday, November 3, 2013

Make Your Semestral Break Productive

With 1 - 2 weeks more to second semester, school personnel and students can be more than relieved of the break. 
on semestral break, we are spending it in triathlon training

with my kid on trail  running after sessions of swimming and biking

Basic education has a week of break in time for  the regular holidays of All Saints Day and All Souls Day. However, for collegiate schools, the long break is along with the semestral break that they do have in preparation for second semester.

So, how can a student  or school personnel like a teacher maximize his / her school break? I can only suggest the following practical activities:

  • Enroll in a short – course skill workshop like cooking / baking / drafting / singing / drama and alike.
  • Take a long travel to new places with friends and / or loved ones.
  • Harness your skill with more time in singing or dancing with all your music equipment.
  • Read a new novel or two or even more.
  • Train harder for a competition like for an upcoming marathons / triathlons.
  • Finish all the  old paper  works or house chores like fixing the old roof / repainting the room.

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