Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pacman Run for Yolanda Victims

Few weeks after Yolanda had caused havoc to Visayas particularly in Leyte and Samar where thousands of lives were lost  and millions of properties  lost and more still missing.

And, the entire nation could only unite once more to help rebuild the lives of our fellowmen. And, we quite appreciate that even people abroad of different races and nationality are helping the Filipinos get their lives back.
with my fellow 5km runners with 3 - year - old girl as the youngest

In our ways, we join the nation in helping our fellow brothers and sisters afflicted by the Yolanda typhoon. So, with other organizations, private and government agencies, we joined another running race for Yolanda victims.

So, with 3km / 5km / 10km / 21km categories, I joined fellow runners in 1st Pacman Run for Yolanda victims.

I hope with the proceeds, we  can help more Yolanda victims and help them really get unto their feet again.

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