Tuesday, November 26, 2013

School Christmas for Yolanda Victims

Filipinos are known for enjoying Christmas spirit as early as September, however, this late part of the year,  the entire nation is saddened along with the countries abroad by the tragedy and chaos brought from earthquake in Bohol, war in Zamboanga City, and typhoon in Visayas.

Rebuilding Tacloban after Yolanda; photo source: rappler.com

Greater number of institutions including schools are now foregoing their Christmas parties or at least forego their grand celebration, so, donations can be given to Yolanda victims.

We would want to have the best Christmas for everyone but while others may have their holiday spirit in gloom, we can give them hope as we join the entire nation and others abroad in rebuilding their lives back.

Social media including cozywinters facebook can be used to provide comfort and aid to Yolanda victims. So, whether you are residing in the Philippines or abroad, contribute to building hope for Yolanda victims.

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