Monday, December 2, 2013

Multi - Intelligence: Is This Real?

Teaching is never easy especially if you get to have students who are disturbingly unpleasant. And, I have been reading that while students don't intentionally cause any trouble, teachers may think otherwise.

 So, what does multi - intelligence really tell? Multiple Intelligence was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983. The activities that meet the criteria that show intelligence are as follows: musical–rhythmic, visual–spatial, verbal–linguistic, logical–mathematical, bodily–kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. He later suggested that existential and moral intelligence can be included.

 So, these would mean that visual students may learn better if they are shown pictures or audio students may learn more if they are hearing instructions rather than shown pictures. They may study while listening to music from their fave artists and playing instruments like excellent rigotti reeds among others.

Experts say that the theory of Gardner lack the  empirical evidence and has no connection at all with performance.

As teachers, they may employ various strategies to ensure that learning is indeed effective and acquired by everyone. Multiple intelligence or not, teachers could not just stick to one strategy, so, various techniques must be employed to achieve the learning goals. The idea is evaluation can be done to check if these goals are met or not otherwise, teachers may adjust in their techniques.

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