Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tips to Reducing Teacher's Stress

Teaching can be tough and quite demanding too as it requires teaching a lot of subjects, preparing lesson plans and visual aids, along with the checking of test papers, requirements and addressing behavioral concerns among others.

So, among the many illnesses of teachers like pharyngitis and tuberculosis, teachers can only endure the job and find ways to address health concerns and stress among others.

How can one address stress? You can try the following tips:

1. Listen to favorite collection  of music;
2. Play musical instrument
3. Dine out with friends;
4. Get a body massage;
5. Exercise with loved ones or friends;
6. Do shopping;
7. Take a vacation;
8. Get a new hobby;
9. Watch movies;
10. Learn a new skill;
11. Read a novel.

The list can go on and the bottomline is simply to  address stress as it occurs since stress may lead to serious illnesses like hypertension or cardiac arrest.

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