Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Employing Various Teaching Strategies

Have you tried teaching where some students are simply dozing off or drawing non - sense or simply chatting with their seatmates as you exert your efforts to impart learning? I am pretty guilty of all these too. In fact, fourteen years of teaching has allowed me to witness various student lapses to manifest boredom or dis - interest.

So, the burden is upon us as to how we can make each learning time to be as interesting as possible. Experts suggest the following teaching techniques:

  • introduce music  from music theater 
  • employ video 
  • community immersion 
  • go for field trips
  • integrate experimentation
  • act out or role playing
  • play games
  • do story telling 
  • small groups
Make sure though that the teaching strategy should only support learning. Modern education requires that teachers are now facilitators of learning rather than the main source of education. Learning can be effective if students do first - hand experience. 

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