Monday, January 13, 2014

Sports: Promote Positive Culture Among School Kids

My kid had recently joined a novice triathlon alongside with the adult. He had to spend weeks of training in swimming, running and biking.

 As parents, we had allowed him to join us in our regular training sessions and these had motivated him to compete also. Sports could actually help kids to be more disciplined both in the sports they are joining and school work loads. As a condition to our kid, he can only train provided his school grades are not affected and school work loads are not compromised.

So, while you are having fun at your kitchen or simply reading on your favorite rev-a-shelf lazy susan, talk to your kid if any sport of his interest is ok with him.

 Sports can boost your kids' self - esteem, discipline and determination among others. This will help him to how he can balance his daily loads as a young kid and eventually as an adult.

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