Friday, January 31, 2014

Teaching on High - Risk Places

Teaching knows no bounds may it be in work loads, time and even distance. This is practically true to most teachers in all levels.

One can see teachers crossing mountains, rivers, riding on motorcycles on risky roads, teaching amidst war - afflicted areas. All these and even more challenge a teacher to thrive.

Teachers cross  the river to Kiahe Elementary School, Malungon

my nephew with his dad had to go home from the mountains 2x a month and cross this river among 27 others.

students from Kiahe Elementary School

My younger sister in her new teaching assignment requires her to cross 27 rivers just to get to her school. Because of the unpredictable weather where water can rise up to neck - deep, she has to leave her kids at home and risk the river crossing alone with her co - teachers.

While teachers receive hazard pay on top of their basic pay, the risks can be high but these come along with the job.

So, we give salute to all teachers who remain in the teaching field in spite of their safety.

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