Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What Not To Do When You Are Sick

With the shifting weather abruptly, one could only be prone to common illnesses like colds or flu. For us who compete in sports including marathon and triathlon, we are into higher risk of getting sick. So, it is only important that we make our immune system more protected.

Basic rule if one is sick is to get full rest and that would mean a break from physical and mental works including school, job and recreational activities.

So, let me list here what experts say about what (not) to do when one is sick.

  • Take only medications that your doctor prescribe. Some of us would normally buy antibiotics, however, antibiotics are only for bacteria and virus - caused illnesses don't require antibiotics. So, before you take any medicine, consult your physician first. There are appropriate medicines for what you are feeling or having. Never self - medicate.
  • Drink more fluids but do away drinking sugar - filled drinks. Sugar suppress the activity of white blood cells that prevent us from having infection.
  • Take more antioxidants and vitamin supplements regularly. Make it a habit to take fruits and vegetables to increase antioxidants and improve vitamin and minerals intake but if fruits and vegetables are not sufficient, taking supplements would do you good.
  • Take a rest. In the onset of sickness, take things lightly. Take a day off instead of trying to work it through sickness and finally be bed rest for days. A fellow runner simply fell on the road as she raced in spite of her illness. Taking a rest will speed up recovery.
  • Take Home Water Therapy. With a hot foot soak, and cold compress on your head while the whole body is wrap for 10 - 15 minutes would help a lot.
  • Prevent Contamination. To contain infection away from your friends, loved ones or others, never share your personal belongings like eating utensils, toothbrush, etc or engage in physical contact like kissing or touching as bacteria can spread out. Virus is air - borne, so, better isolate yourself. 
There are medical references online or offline as to what to do when you are sick just like when we try to  acquire or do something like   buying a drill press vise, so, read only from credible sources, so, you would be guided well. 


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