Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why Teachers Should Not Miss Class

I have this personal belief that a teacher should never be late nor absent as she / he affects not just one student but the entire class. So, I make it a habit to inform my students ahead if I have to be absent, so, they won’t have to waste their time waiting.

But, my being absent means my making up as well for lost learning. So, for the scheduled absences I have either for travel or store / family matters, make – up classes are normally held to compensate for the time. My class and I normally agree on a common date and time and simply find other ways for others who can’t really attend to the make – up class.

I guess being a teacher means doing extra mile to make sure that learning is possible at all times. So, we schedule travels when students are less affected, we make reports on time, so, their grades and performances are well monitored. The list is endless but the reward is always more appealing.

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