Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why Try Google Educators Group

What is it for? Since I started blogging when I moved to General Santos City, Google has been supported of the bloggers in the South. With the applications like GMAIL, YOUTUBE, BLOGGER of Google for personal and business use, one can’t have enough without Google to work with. For one, I use this blog under Blogger platform to share inputs to my students and potential readers. So, we are only happier that Google has initiated the Google Educators Group to help teachers in all levels to maximize the Google apps like the Google Drive for class records and other teachers’ files, or the Blogger for online references. And, more importantly, students can benefit more with Google for Education. So, check out your place for a Google Educators Group and have access to technology - based education. For South Cotabato, possible date for Teachers shall be on February 15. See you all!

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