Wednesday, July 9, 2014

School Promotes Wellness Program

Teaching is one of the highly demanding jobs. With all the lectures, papers, grades, reports among others, a teacher can only endure fatigue and stress but same cycle goes on as we do our daily tasks. 

We could only be grateful that establishments including our very on school, STI College - General Santos City has made a wellness program through a once - in - a - week zumba.

with fellow teachers after a zumba session
 Stress is known to be one cause of various health problems. So, experts advice that one should have healthy lifestyle and diet to keep illnesses at bay.

I normally run, bike, swim and zumba in between; so, now that I am busy with board exam review, I could only be grateful that there is zumba at school after classes.
Run races for de - stress
May all companies find that prevention is indeed better than cure and with exercise, studies show that employees are more productive if they are stress - free. 

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