Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tips to Taking Your PRC Board Exam

I had the chance to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers last August 17, 2014 and the experience was indeed tough.

The ordeal normally starts the first time you need to apply for any board exam. It would be wiser if you apply way earlier to avoid hundreds of applicants. Since, we are from the South, we needed to head to Davao City to apply and the long queue last May had somehow improved from the first time I applied last December 2013.

Having troubles on my papers stopped me from taking the January 2014 exam and that should be your number 1 tip. Make sure that you have all the needed documents: Transcript of Records, Special Order, NSO copy of birth and marriage certificate if you are married. Bring other secondary documents just in case the primary documents aren't clear.

The next thing you do is review harder. Don't waste time with non - essentials. I had to stop from my passion of running and triathlon, so, spare time from work can be rendered to reviews.  Pick a review center if you have the resources, otherwise, ask your friends and online resources for readings. While the percentage that you would answer the same questions can be nil, at least, you will improve your chances.

Simulate examination schedules. Taking  3 sets of exam was a physical drain. Good thing, the breaks were used for stretching. I had to bring some meds too for body aches.

Simulate answering the answer sheet and ID forms. I was more than glad that I knew what to fill on my forms compared to others who were more than confused as to how they should answer their profile forms. That was uncalled stress to start the examination day.

Budget your time. My first set of exam was simply terrible as I had to spend more than once re-reading the questions that I consumed the two hours with few unanswered questions yet. The PRC folks had banned watches while taking the test, so, with no clues of the time, one had to be faster in reading and in answering. I had to strategize for the 2nd and 3rd sets that I was still able to review my answers.
a visit from colleagues a night before the board exam

Eat well before and during breaks. While one may go through the test with half - full stomach, it would not work for some including me. So, a hearty breakfast is a must and small snacks in between would help.

Don't let unnecessary people and things bother you before and during examination. I had to cut off my phone for the entire day, so,  I didn't have to mind other things. But, seeing your fellow examinees who passed their answer sheets way earlier could give extra pressure. Simply, don't mind them.

Take a break from reviews.  Needing to work and to review at the same time is too much to handle. So, take a break; have a good time with friends or / and your loved ones or simply catch a good sleep. Then, go back to reviews that way, you get recharged.

Lastly, have a strong support system. Reviewing for months will take your time, resources and even blow your minds off but having supportive family and friends would help you get by. Pray or meditate because this would keep you sane.

Whatever is the result, at least, you have rendered your best! Good luck!

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