Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Celebrating World Teacher's Day: Why Teaching is the Noblest

October is honored for Teachers among others. I am now celebrating 16 years of teaching and with my meager pay, I could hardly save and enjoy life more comfortably. But, what could be in teaching that draws me or millions of other teachers in various schools and places to do what we do.

Teaching in the city is way too indulging  for those who have to hike on foot or travel for hours or go through various dangers just to bring learning among the remote students.  This was the case teachers in Kiahe Integrated School. A 4 - hour walk to the mountains of Kiahe, Malapatan from the treacherous motorcycle ride to Brgy Suyan where the hiking starts.

I personally had the chance to experience the trail and I could only be humbled by how committed the teachers in traversing the hike and going through the surging river current every week, compromising their safety and health every time the weather is not favorable.

A national network, GMA, with Reporter's Notebook, featured the plight of these teachers and while they or other teachers who lack in material things, passion and gratitude could simply make teaching the most noble.

While teaching could not rake bigger salary but the idea that a teacher can actually touch lives and inspire young ones to make a difference and to make a better life when they grow older, this is  primal reason why teaching will always be noblest for me. 

And, while I sometimes dream of having another job, the satisfaction from teaching will always be beyond words. So, happy teachers' day everyone. Only your students could say how good and loved you are.

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