Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to Have a Safe Christmas Holiday

Philippines has the longest celebration of Christmas because as early as September, Christmas songs actually fill radio stations and houses do start decorating with fine decors like jim shore among others.

But, do keep in mind that while we love holidays, we are at high risk too against fire, theft, abuse, poisoning as we become overwhelmed and our focus seems lost.

Here are issues to address with:

  • Safety. If you wish to take a vacation, make sure that you have your house well secured. It would be best, if you let your neighborhood or community association know that the house shall be unoccupied for certain period, so, they can be watchful against unwanted movements inside the house.  Be very careful with decors of poor quality because they may lead to electrical problems or poisoning among kids.
  • Unwanted expenses. We love to buy for our loved ones but become quite irritated when credit bills lurk our doorsteps with the unwanted shopping. So, make a budget plan and stick with it. Go for cheaper alternatives, so, you can stretch more your budget. 
  •  Health Issues. We love to hang out in reunions, eat and drink as grand as possible but the aftermaths of these parties or wanton eating  or drinking can be too much to bear. So, take everything in moderation.
 Just be watchful at all times and holidays or not, every day shall be safe for you and your loved ones.

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