Friday, September 12, 2014

How To Study Better

Studying for an upcoming exam can be quite tough but once you take the toil, the challenge is how to study better.

Making good grades from exam requires good study habits and strong discipline. To make good score, it is best to have ample time to review, and to practice on drill questions. Read more resources related to the topic and answer as many questions possible from books or other resources. That way, you improve your chances of getting the answers right.

You may have your own schedule when you can study best. Make sure though that you render your full focus once you plunge to  your notes. I study better at night time before sleep but if I am too drained, then, I skip the usual schedule, rest instead and review early morning of the next day.

Reviewing comfortable like lying down on your bed can be quite tempting to doze off instead, so, find a good sit with nice couch cushions to support your back, and move once in a while to keep you awake.

Make an outline of what are important notes, so, you can review these instead of having the entire notes again.

It would help too if you have good food to help boost your brain faculty and some vitamins for physical and mental stress.

Lastly, find time to relax too - shopping, movie watching, reading novels or just hanging out with friends; keep a break from long hours of exams. That way, you get recharged and able to go through reviews again.

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