Monday, January 19, 2015

Why Academic Credentials Are Assessed Abroad

When individuals plan to work or migrate abroad, their first concern is to get the best job possible. But, this is only feasible if education acquired from foreign institutions is of comparable standard of that of the target country. The practical reason for this is to protect the interest of the stakeholders especially if you will be working as a skilled migrant say a doctor, nurse and alike.

 For instance, Canada requires all education acquired abroad has the Canadian equivalency. The Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Canada (CIC) has designated World Education Services (WES) to provide educational credential assessments (ECA) for degrees earned outside of Canada.

 I tried their Free Assessment Preview  just to get a glimpse of what my baccalaureate and masteral degrees worth in Canada, and I'm surprised that one of  my masteral degrees is only of Bachelor's degree equivalent while my other masteral degree from a state university is of master's degree in Canada. At least, that was a relief to know. However, actual records are actually needed before final evaluations can  be made. Should you want to have your educational credential assessment for Canada, you can click here.

Depending on the country of your destination, your credentials are fully assessed. So, don't be too surprised if what is worth of your education in your home country is different from your target country.

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