Sunday, March 1, 2015

Can Pregnant Athlete Compete in Sports?

Competing as a mom and at 37 makes me feel good that I can race in marathons and triathlons in spite of my late start and age. I love to see women in their mid - age or higher sporting a lady look with accessories from this site on but competing and winning races.  However, I am more enthralled with the idea of having pregnant athletes still racing while they are expecting.

12  - weeks pregnant Mommy Ivy, middle, who joined me and Gelyn Ninofranco
compete for 5km race at Lion's Run

One fellow triathlete, Ivy Amadeo,  who is in 40+ and 3 months pregnant still join races, her latest was a standard duathlon, a multi - sport of 10km run - 40km bike and 5km run. She did so with a relay partner who did the running while she performed the bike leg.  We can only cheer more as her team coveted the championship title for relay teams.

top finishers of relay category for Duathlon.
With 3-month-old pregnant, Ivy, landing First Place
She is expecting her third baby and has conceived while at the peak of triathlon training. She was unaware of her pregnancy when she did the Samal Trail Triathlon and won an overall title.

Her ob-gyne has given her OK signals to compete, provided, that activities are of lighter mode than what she is used to.

This makes me wonder more of other pregnant athletes who compete and I am more than glad and inspired to come across Olympian athlete, Alysia Montano,who was 34-weeks pregnant but competed in 800m race in California. She was 35 seconds slower than her personal best and landed last int he race but she did earn the standing ovation of the entire crowd.

Alysia Montana, 34 - weeks pregnant, competes in 800m race
Doctors say that fitness can actually help in labor better than the ones who are not physically active as the former can tolerate more the pain. This may be a contrary to what others may be saying  like putting the baby at risk. But, there are present records of the other pregnant mommies who compete, and successfully gave birth to normal babies. So, that pretty calls for a good debate.

But, before you hit the road and do your usual rigorous workouts or attend races while pregnant, make sure to get medical clearance first.

As excerpt from the, these are the do's and don'ts while running pregnant:
  • DO run at an easy pace - you should have enough breath to hold a conversation
  • DO watch for posture and position of the back and pelvis – do not allow yourself to arch in the lower back 
  • DO react immediately to any pains and aches i.e don't run through them 
  • DO NOT take up running for the first time when pregnant
  • DO NOT run when tired
  • DO NOT run on a very hot day
  • DO NOT run for six weeks after giving birth

So, to all active mommies, we commend your high spirit and courage! See you at the finish line.


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