Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Graduation Gift Ideas

with fellow faculty on our school's 2015 graduation
Graduation is a special occasion for both parents and students as hard labor has finally paid off. And, what better way to reward the hard toil but to celebrate it with friends and loved ones.

Celebrate your special day with any or all of the following:

Bounty Meal. Whether you book a restaurant or simply cook in your home, a festive meal with dear ones is more than enough. Request for the graduate's favorite meal or surprise him / her in a resto where the family usually holds a meal with special greetings from the resto.

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Hobbyist Item. If your graduate is into sports, like basketball, a new pair of basketball shoes can be a total delight. Since my kid likes to play with his tablet, his request includes a new set of gamer's headset. If your graduate likes music, then, a guitar with star concho   shall be an option among other musical instrument or gadgets.

Vacation Getaway. Bring your family or send your graduate to a special treat like a 1 - 3 day vacation to an island resort, or simply a local hotel overnight stay. Even a daytime trip to the graduate's preference can be an option.

Coupon Treat. This may include a free massage, or spa, or movie / concert tickets to your graduate's favorite band or otherwise. The idea is to affirm your delight that your kid, sibling, cousin, partner or ward has finally made it.

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