Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What’s Next After Graduation?

Every year, a student can only look forward to stepping unto the stage and receive his diploma and bid all his school papers,exams, projects, and lousy lectures good bye.
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But, what indeed lies behind graduation? There is Only reality that can kick one in the gut hard.  So, while speeches of experts of wisdom and experience may indeed sound boring, there can be a grain of truth to what they can practically tell to all graduates.

Reality Check:

  • Securing all school records. Depending on your school, getting all your records  may either be easy or slick as hell, so, provide ample time when you request for papers for employment or otherwise.
  • Preparing a resume. Your academic subjects or school services might have trained you how to write an effective resume but if they are not sufficient, you can always check out books from your old school, or online references. You can ask your elders too for some proofreading or additional inputs. As fresh graduate, your resume can be quite bare, banking then on your strengths like membership in sports club, parttime jobs or volunteer works can be a plus.
  • Building Your Network. It pays when you know a lot of people as they point you to companies with job vacancies. So, ask around from your school guidance office, professors, print or newer media and even fellow applicants where to submit your papers.
  • Developing Your Personality. Interview can make or break an opportunity. So, prepare well for this and you can do this better if you are confident with your  communication skills, and overall personality. Learn how to dress well, make up for women, and just be as natural as possible without being too lenient or passive.
  • Getting the Job Done.  When you earn the job, make sure that you live up to what the company expects of you. Be punctual, deliver what is asked of you with satisfactory or even delightful performance. That way, you are leaving a memory regardless of its size.
  • Meeting the Social Expectations. The hardest part of being a graduate is actually meeting other’s expectation.  Expectations can either motivate or stress you out, either way, simply have fun and live the dream you want to be. That way, you can both experience life and fun altogether. 

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