Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Music Camp for the Youth

Summer can be fun for kids who are just glad that classes are off and that school requirements and exam aren't there to burden them.

However, the two months can be quite a drag and idle for some kids who have nothing else to. I have to see my nephews who spend hours and hours on their electronic tablets rather than go out and play with other kids.

So, not to keep my kid hooked to his tablet, we made his summer quite productive. Just after his school, he recently joined the  junior triathlon and even aced his opponents landing champion in his age group. I had to bring him along in my training to prep him for his race.

However, since school time is still a month's away, we were lucky that a local church group has initiated a summer music camp to everyone at very minimal cost.

The music camp is for any music enthusiast on equipment like violin, guitar, cielo, and piano among others. There are expert teachers with one Poland violinist as their instructor. So, we had my son's old violin put to use and it is a good news that come next week, they shall have their music recital in a local mall and big gym.

It is expected that during recital, various music equipment along audio cables and connectors  shall swarm the venue and allow sweet and good music to fill the air.

When I asked my kid if he is having fun with his camp, he could only say "YES" knowing that he has made  new friends and he is making his summer time productive.

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